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When the unpredictable happens,
we’ll be there.

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Accidents Happen

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And when they do, we’re ready to help. Though nobody can predict when an accident might occur, the Freightliner Certified Collision Program exists for one purpose — to provide you with a seamless and satisfying repair experience.

Your van will be restored properly — with Genuine Freightliner Parts and equipment, certified Freightliner technicians, and the high level of expertise you deserve.

White Cargo Van

Certified Van Repair

Certified Collision for Commercial Vehicles ensures your van’s structural and cosmetic repairs are made with the utmost precision. Using only Genuine Parts for repairs guarantees that your van is returned as close to its pre-accident condition as possible.
Freightliner Van Repair Technician

Do you need immediate service, repair or parts assistance?

Call the number below and we’ll get you set up with an authorized Freightliner Vans service center as soon as possible.


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In addition to the right service, we also offer the right parts for your vehicle.

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Value for the Long Haul

Great resale value, lower fuel costs, and fewer maintenance costs help Freightliner Vans deliver long-term savings.

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