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Freightliner Sprinter Finance Solutions

Smart ways to get you behind the wheel.

Finance Solutions

For more than 40 years, the folks at Daimler Truck Financial* have used their dedicated industry experience to develop a complete line of products tailored for small business owners. Our custom finance programs for Freightliner Sprinter Vans unite competitive retail finance rates with your Sprinter dealer's inventory of new and used vehicles.

At Daimler Truck Financial, we believe in building partnerships by adding value and providing "Best-In-Class" customer service. With flexible financing options, competitive rates and a dedicated team of commercial finance experts, we can provide financing that works smarter for you and your business.

VanCARE Protection Products

VanCARE protection products are designed specifically for commercial customers and Freightliner Vans. Knowing you have coverage if you need it lets you focus on what matters—taking care of business. Contact your Freightliner dealer for details.

VanCARE Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

Protect your investment. Each year millions of vehicles are totaled in events such as collisions, thefts, or natural disasters. Click here to learn more.

VanCARE Wheel & Tire Protection

Confidence at every turn. VanCARE Wheel and Tire Protection will help cover the cost to replace your wheels and tires if they are damaged by a covered road hazard.

Commercial Retail Financing

We have more than 40 years of experience in commercial financing and understand that our customers may need a specialized payment structure. Our commercial retail financing options give commercial customers the opportunity to customize a comfortable payment schedule that best fits their needs. We can accommodate up to 90 days to first payment, balloon and skip payment options as well as accelerated payment options. We can even structure a solution to finance the van, upfit equipment and aftermarket products into one package. The customer will own the van at the end of the term and be able to take advantage of the depreciation benefits.**

Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease

The FMV lease is a closed-end lease agreement that meets all the requirements of an operating lease. It is commonly referred to as a walkaway lease since the lessee can simply turn in the vehicle and walk away from the vehicle at lease maturity and after meeting all obligations of the contract, subject to certain return conditions and mileage restrictions. It typically requires a lower initial cash outlay and lower monthly payments than through a traditional loan, and payments may be expensed against income.** While the lessee avoids the risks and responsibilities typically associated with vehicle ownership, the lessee can also purchase the truck at the end of the term for its current fair market value.

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) Lease

The most popular form of commercial leasing is a TRAC lease. It does not require any acquisition fee or up-front payment or excess mileage charges and lease payments may be expensed against income.** With a TRAC lease, the customer is responsible for the residual value of the vehicle, so that value is determined with customer input.** There are also multiple options at lease-end including acquiring the vehicle or receiving the excess proceeds upon DTF's sale of the vehicle (if applicable).

VanCARE Lease-End Protection

At Daimler Truck Financial, we want to ensure that your lease experience is simple and predictable. With VanCARE Lease-End Protection, you gain peace of mind knowing you have coverage for certain lease-end charges incurred - for a smoother lease-end process.

Extra Protection

VanCARE Lease-End Protection provides coverage at lease end for some chargeable items incurred for failing to meet the surrender conditions of the lease, such as minor dents, scratches, and certain types of damage. The cost can be added to your monthly payment, when you sign your Daimler Truck Financial Commercial FMV lease agreement.

What does it cover?

Specified Excess Wear and Use Charges Waived

VanCARE Lease-End Protection will waive specified charges incurred by lessee for failing to meet the surrender conditions of the lease, up to a maximum amount waived of $7,500. This includes charges for damage due to a covered single event up to a maximum $2,000. It also covers windshield damage charges, missing parts and equipment charges up to $200 per part, and the charge of one missing key fob. Plus, there is no deductible. This product does not cover any excess mileage charges, may not waive all charges incurred for failing to meet the surrender conditions, and may not waive the entire balance owed under your lease agreement.

Extra Protection for Extra Peace of Mind

You will have the assurance of knowing your vehicle has lease end protection eligible charges for minor dents, scratches, and certain types of damage will be waived, minimizing the out-of-pocket expense for you at lease end.

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Our entire family of finance professionals is dedicated to providing you with a first-class financing experience.

* Actual rates, terms, down payment, advanced and program eligibility will be determined by Daimler Truck Financial credit team based upon creditworthiness of customer. Program rates or terms may be changed or the program may be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of Daimler Vans USA and DTF.

** Consult your tax or financial advisor for tax and accounting treatment.

*** Sales tax may be due in some states.